A Survival Guide for Church Communicators

Lessons learned from Justin Dean, former Communications Director at Mars Hill Church

Is your church prepared to handle a crisis well? Do you have a plan in place for how to deal with negative comments on social media? Are you afraid to try new communications methods?

In PR Matters, Justin Dean provides practical advice on how to communicate the gospel well and reach more people in a world that wants Christians to be bland.

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Social Media Guide for Churches

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About the Author

Justin Dean is a church communications advisor and entrepreneur.

He has served in senior advising roles at organizations big and small, in multiple industries since 2001, and has been an entrepreneur since birth. Today, his desire and focus is to equip church communications leaders with the right tools to reach more people.

From 2011 to 2015, Justin served as the Communications Director for Mars Hill Church in Seattle where he oversaw all social media, content, editorial, communications, and public relations for the church’s 15 locations.

He is now the co-founder of That Church Conference, a digital communications conference for churches and the best community for church communicators to collaborate and share online. He also provides communications and crisis coaching for churches.

Justin lives just north of Atlanta, Georgia where he can often be found on the lake with his wife and four children.

What People Are Saying

“The shocking thing about Justin Dean is how stupid he is. I don’t say that to be mean.” Kate

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“Justin is hopeless…Don Quixote of the PR world.” Peter

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“Even though Justin Dean is a fellow brother in Christ, I think he is a weasel.” Anonymous

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“I don’t know you. Stop asking for my endorsement.” Seth Godin

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